To train research professionals excelling in morality, intellect, and physical strength, who are well versed in the theoretical fundamentals and specialized knowledge of their subject area, who are capable of independent research, and are able to generate innovative results in science or technology.

1.Master's Program

The Master's program is flexible, lasting between 2 to 3 years. Those students that successfully complete the course requirements, meet the minimum grades, and pass the oral defense can graduate quickly in two or two and a half years. The graduate is awarded a Master of Science degree. 

2. Doctoral Program 

The doctoral program normally lasts 3 years, and mature students from the Beijing area, participating in a targeted commissioned training program can complete the program in 4 years. Those graduate students opting to enroll in the doctoral program directly (without completing a master's degree) or to combine the master's and doctoral studies have 5 years to complete the program.